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What is Health Mindset Coaching?

Health has traditionally been thought of as only including the body. As we continue to advance in our knowledge of the brain, we have come to realize that the brain and the body are interconnected. We have to calm and recenter our mind to ensure optimal function in our bodies and in turn in our lives. Through mindset coaching we will work to change beliefs and patterns that have previously held you in place. 

Outline followed in sessions

  • What do you want to achieve?

  • What was your childhood and early adult life like?

  • What are your current lift situations and relationships?

  • What is your current self-concept around your want?

  • Who is your current support group? What are these people like?

  • What are your routines like? How do you provide stability in your life?

  • Review and educate on vagus nerve and breathing, tapping and eye movements.

  • Review sleep and subconscious.

  • Review meditation and mantras. 

  • Review 21 days to form a habit with meditation and sleep tracks. 

  • Educate on feeling it real and the end of goal.

  • Books to read to help enforce beliefs. 


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