Dr. Breanna Barney PT,DPT,LMT, CDP, LSVTs

Dr. Breanna Barney, is a physical therapist, massage therapist, educator, coach and founder of VIP Therapy, LLC. Breanna completed her doctorate of physical therapy and bachelors of health science at The University of Findlay. She has advanced training in functional medicine, nutrition, myofascial release, functional movement analysis, and chronic and acute pain management.

Dedicated to helping YOU take control of your health and well being.


Started in 2019 VIP Therapy was created to help clients treat the root cause of their pain and mobility deficits, not just the symptoms. Our areas of focus are:

  • TMJ pain (temporomandibular joint) dysfunction

  • Athletic injury rehabilitation and prevention

  • Tension headaches and migraines

  • All forms of chronic and acute pain management including:

    • Back pain

    • Shoulder pain

    • Knee pain

    • Hip pain

    • Foot/ankle pain

    • Strains and sprains

    • Joint mobility limitation

Please call if you suffer from any other condition. Chances are we can help.


Living what's preached.


When Dr. Brea isn’t working with her patients she enjoys spending time with her family and friends. Being a catalyst for movement towards holistic health care is a passion that motivates her.  An avid equestrian and fitness enthusiast Dr. Brea not only educates others on an active healthy lifestyle, she lives it.