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What is Active Life Wellness? 

Are you looking for a way to remain safely in your home or have loved ones that you want to help age in place? Have home care services ended and you’re looking for a way to continue your exercise program and do not want to enter the community? Are you looking for a way to remain active, reduce risk of falls and have less pain

These are one on one sessions for individuals who are looking for a way to complete mobility training in their home. Many of our clients use a cane, walker, or wheelchair and may have a history of falls or need assistance to go from sitting to standing. Sessions focus on strengthening, balance, flexibility and general mobility to maintain independence and safety. All sessions are client directed, based off individual wants and needs and completed by our senior wellness specialists.


Visits are provided at a frequency of 1-3 visits a week and billed at the start of each month. These sessions are not covered by Medicare/insurance and are a wellness program focused on keeping our clients safely in their homes. Our wellness providers specialize in working with individuals living with Parkinson’s, dementia, history of falls and those wanting to age safely in place. Call us today for a free consultation to see if these services are right for you!



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