Movement is the new medicine.

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Breanna Barney is a doctor of physical therapy. She created VIP Therapy with one goal in mind: to help clients treat the root cause of their pain and mobility deficits, not just the symptoms.


Traditional health care is based on insurance guidelines and payment which causes many clinics to focus on seeing as many people in the least amount of time possible. This equals generic, cookie cutter care. No surprise this leads to poor results, frustrated clients and a waste of time and money.

Physical therapy done by a doctor of physical therapy.


Expect: Elite care. More face time. Faster results. No questions unanswered.


You receive a highly individualized program which combines state-of-the-art technology and research-based treatments.

VIP Therapy comes to you.

Whether you need physical therapy, rehabilitation or wellness care, Dr. Breanna and her team will come to you at home, your office, gym or golf course. We will do a movement analysis to ensure we're helping you ease the pain and discover better ways to move.


Movement analysis, postural correction, pain management,  rehab and education are the hallmarks of VIP Therapy. 

No script? No problem.

Since we are a private pay business, you are eligible to receive physical therapy services without a prescription for the entire length of service.  Expect to see us more during the first month of service. Our goal is to help relieve as much pain as possible and leave you with a set of exercises you can do on your own that will extend your rehabilitation. Once we're on the right path to healing, you will see us less often. 

Compassionate care. Dedicated to you.

We are constantly striving to better ourselves in order to provide each patient with the best care possible. We not only preach a healthy, mobile lifestyle but we actually live it and love it! We partner with other local small, health and wellness based businesses to promote a preventive, healthy, holistic life. 


Let us help you get back to being you! Contact us today.