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VIP therapy, LLC is a private pay provider which means we work for you and not the insurance company. This allows us to provide individualized care with the same doctor of physical therapy at each session.


You can expect less visits and quicker outcomes than traditional therapy because you're getting hands-on treatment from Dr. Barney.

Treatment services

Evaluation: 60 minutes


The initial evaluation is a full body movement analysis using evidenced based protocols. This allows me to get an in depth view of what is causing your pain and range of motion limitation. I create a mobility program and determine the amount of visits needed that is specific to you. I use these assessments to provide measurable data that I will re check throughout our time together to demonstrate progression. I also use this time to screen for any signs or symptoms of underlying health issues such as cancer, neurological disorders and vitamin deficiencies. 30 min of the session will be spent on assessments and background with 50 min spent on myofascial release and manual therapy and 10 min to review the take home mobility program. PEMF is also used throughout the session with no additional cost as long as no contra indications to use are present.  I also provide a daily to do list to help manage pain and keep you on track outside of your treatment sessions. An initial assessment is mandatory before beginning any additional treatments.


Follow-up treatment: 60 minutes


Each treatment session will vary based off of each individual’s needs. For some dealing with long standing mobility or pain limitations much of the session will be focused on manual therapy, myofascial release and PEMF. Depending on pain and mobility progression new mobility and stability exercises will be provided to the client at each treatment to be utilized between each session. This ensures that the restrictions that have been manually removed will remain this way and new stability can be provided to the joint that had been limited, thus improving pain and range of motion.


Active Adult Wellness & Stretching

$135 for 45 min

Worth Noting...


Traditional therapy typically has a co pay depending on your insurance plan. If you do have a co pay you would be responsible to pay it at each visit. Additionally, if you have not met your deductible you would be paying full retail price for treatment plus the co pay, which can be upwards of $150 per 30 min of treatment. This traditional treatment is typically completed by a physical therapy assistant, not a physical therapist, who is seeing you plus 2-3 other patients at the same time. 


At each treatment session you can expect Dr. Barney to bring her treatment table, fascial treatment tools, foam roller, massage gun and pulsed electromagnetic field therapy machine. You should wear comfortable clothing and be sure to be hydrating yourself before and after your session.

Breanna's coverage area is Northwest Ohio. Treatment is possible outside of this area but additional fees may be applied. Services available Monday-Friday by appointment only. 

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