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Client Reviews

From Lou, 64


I am a retired nurse medical coordinator. Last year I joined a community college choir and my old TMJ issues resurfaced and I was referred to a TMJ dental specialist. I heard about Breanna through a friend and decided to try a treatment. After my first session with Breanna my TMJ issues literally turned around. I went home that night and slept seven hours straight. I had been an insomniac for the last three years never sleeping more than two hours continuously. My TMJ issues were gone after the third treatment along with my insomnia. Breanna is a miracle worker and has the ability to restore your health. 

From Dan, 65


Ten years ago I suffered from severe pancreatitis that almost took my life at 55 years of age. I spent five weeks in a medically induced coma and lost a third of my pancreas. I had seven surgeries over the next nine years to correct the damage. I suffer from severe chronic pain and I was looking for a better way to manage it. I started working with Breanna two months ago and I have seen a vast difference in my pain level and no longer take pharmaceuticals for pain relief. As an added bonus my mood has improved, I'm easier to live with and I'm more like the funny guy I used to be. I highly recommend you let Breanna figure out a plan of attack for you.

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